Q: What should I PACK?

A:  Pack light! If your trip is in April or October, weather in Tuscany is a warmer and more moderate version of our temperatures here. Up to 70’s in the day, and 50’s in the evening. We will be eating and drinking non-stop, so please bring your elastic pants, and most comfortable outfits. As we will hunt truffles in the woods, please bring a good pair of boots/sneakers. Italians are all so thin due to walking everywhere, so please bring your comfortable walking shoes - not stilettos. Fattoria Lavacchio has organic toiletries including olive oil shampoo & conditioner in every room, but feel free to back your normal hair products in CHECKED LUGGAGE ONLY!

Q: Where can I exchange my currency?

A: For starters, you will need less physical Euros than you think. We have all expenses covered, including tipping our guides and transportation. For anything not included in our package, most situations will take all credit cards, just alert your bank on your travel dates to avoid a locked card due to deliciously suspicious purchases. There is a Travelex in Albany International Airport for currency exchange, and will be ATM exchanges in Peretola Airport.


A: Just about! All expenses are covered, including organic farm fresh breakfast, lunch and all dinners excluding one evening free in Florence where they will be on their own if they wish to have dinner in one of the many fantastic trattoria’s. There is a store located at Fatorria Lavacchio (Bottega del Mulino) where you can purchase bottles of wine, olive oil, snacks and of course espresso. They accept all cards, euro’s and you can also bill to your room in which you will have to pay upon check-out.

Q: what if i have medical/dietary restrictions?

A: Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions and we will do our best to accommodate your needs!